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Our Principals Welcome for 2019

Kia Ora Parents & Whanau,

Welcome to Waiuku Primary School.  

Parents wish for their children to learn in a safe and happy environment. 

At Waiuku Primary School we pride ourselves on providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to be their very best by a group of professional dedicated teachers and staff. 

We have high expectations of our students and encourage them to actively participate in our richly authentic learning programmes. A link to our Learning Charter is here. 

These learning programmes operate under our schools Guiding Vision of:

‘Life is for Learning - Learning is for Life 

Kia ora ka ako – Ka ako ka ora’

This is strongly supported by our Core Values:

          • Respect
          • Integrity
          • Resilience 
          • Independence... 

...and The Waiuku Way:

          • We Respect our School
          • We are Kind & Caring
          • We Focus on our Learning

As parents, we recognise that you are your child’s foundation teachers. We believe that a strong partnership between school and home enhances your child’s outcomes and achievements, and it is through this partnership that we are able to provide the very best opportunities for your child to learn. 

Our staff are passionate about raising student achievement, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to succeed, and in developing well- balanced happy successful children.

When your child leaves our school it is our aim to have them equipped with knowledge, skills and personal attributes to succeed in our great little town, our fantastic country and this incredible world. 

To quote one of the greatest minds; 

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think’ Albert Einstein. 

Warm Regards

Simon Drewery – Principal  

P.S. Our Learning Charter link is here 


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Simon Drewery,
May 31, 2018, 2:23 PM
Simon Drewery,
May 31, 2018, 2:24 PM
Simon Drewery,
Dec 15, 2018, 2:33 PM