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The Staff for 2018 - to be updated at the end of Jan 2018

Senior Leadership & Management 

Mr. Simon DreweryPrincipal admin@waiuku.school.nz     
Mrs. Isla HoltDeputy Principal
SENCO - Responsible for Pupil Welfare

Administration & Finance 

Mrs. Sue HamerOffice Manager
Principal PA
Mrs. Leila Dahya    Executive Officer - Finances & Staffing finances@waiuku.school.nz

Hub 1 Junior School (Year 0, Year 1, & Year 2)  

Ms. Bridget Robins
Hub 1 Leader
Senior Teacher, Room 5 Year 2
Miss Carrie Lagerstedt Teacher, Room 1 Y0 & 1

Mrs. Lisa Forrest
Mrs. Melissa Lowe
Teacher, Room 3 Year 0 & 1  

Ms. Tui Cox

Teacher, Room 4 Year 1 tuic@waiuku.school.nz  
Mrs. Sara WilliamsTeacher, Room 6 Year 2saraw@waiuku.school.nz 
Ms. Gina YelchichTeacher release and CRTginay@waiuku.school.nz 

Hub 2 Middle School (Year 3 to Year 4) 

Ms. Sandy Newman
Hub 2 Leader
Senior Teacher, Room 10 Year 3  

Mrs. Kay Naidoo 

Teacher, Room 9 Year 3 & 4 kayn@waiuku.school.nz  
Mr. Nick Kelly Teacher, Room 13 Year 4 nicholask@waiuku.school.nz 

Hub 3 Middle/Senior School (Year 5 to Year 6)

Mrs. Kristine Jones 
Hub 3 Leader
Senior Teacher, Room 15 Year 5 & 6kristinej@waiuku.school.nz
Mr. Brandon Murphy Teacher, Room 16 Year 5 & 6brandonm@waiuku.school.nz

Mrs. Tina SagagaTeacher, Room 11  Year 4 & 5tinas@waiuku.school.nz

Hub 4 Senior School (Year 7 to Year 8)

Mrs. Kay Kendall
Hub 4 Leader
Teacher, Room 18 Year 7 & 8kayk@waiuku.school.nz

Miss Bobby SouthTeacher, Room 19 Year 7  & 8bobbys@waiuku.school.nz
Mr. Trevor Bennett

Teacher, Room 21 Year 7 & 8trevorb@waiuku.school.nz

Teacher Aides & Support Staff

Miss Jess Burridge 
Learning Support
Mrs. Di Hilton

Learning Support
Mrs. Anita Lamont    Learning Support / Library

Mrs. Billie Hunt

Learning Support
Mrs. Tania FlemingLearning Support


Mrs. Graham Boase

Caretaker & Property
Mr. David Parkinson

Grounds Assistance 

Other Contacts

CouncillorOur school Councillor ___________ is available each week to support students.

Please contact the office for more 
information admin@waiuku.school.nz

Individual Music TuitionWe also have individual music 
tuition in guitar, drum and 
keyboard available.

Please contact the office for more 
information admin@waiuku.school.nz

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