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Please note that last year's data only comes available when the Ministry of Education release it following the annual audit done in all schools. This is completed by 31st May each year. 

National Standards 

Below is information for our community on how to understand National Standards 

The standards describe reference points or signposts of achievement at each year level. Assessing progress and

achievement in relation to the standards is an integral part of teaching and learning across the New Zealand Curriculum.

Teachers will:
  • assess individual students’ progress and achievement in relation to the standards
  • support students to use assessment information to inform their own learning goals and their next learning steps

  • use a range of assessment information
  • provide regular reports to parents in plain language about their children's progress in relation to National Standards, including twice a year in writing.
  • provide clear information to parents, families and whanau so they can support their children's learning at home.

How does Waiuku Primary School assess against the National Standards?

Because the National Standards are benchmarks of student achievement and not tests teachers are required to use a range of assessment data to make an Overall Teacher Judgement

What is an Overall Teacher Judgement? (O.T.J) 
  • An O.T.J involves drawing on and applying the evidence gathered up to a particular point in time in order to make an overall judgement about a student’s progress and achievement.

Why use Overall Teacher Judgement? 

  • No single source of information can accurately summarise a student’s achievement or progress.

Overall teacher judgement (O.T.J's) of achievement and progress involve combining information from a variety of sources, using a range of approaches. 

Evidence may be gathered through the following three ways:
  • Conversing with the student to find out what they know, understand and can do.
  • Observing the process a student uses.
  • Gathering results from formal assessments, including standardised tests.

This ‘triangulation’ of information increases the dependability of the OTJ. 

How are Waiuku Primary School students involved?

At W.P.S we firmly believe that students need to be actively involved in their own learning; using a range of approaches allows the student to participate throughout the assessment process. 
Overall Teacher Judgements constructed with students are the basis of the reporting in relation to the National Standards.

  • Moderation is a process where teachers compare judgements of students work to either confirm or adjust them. 
  • The process involves teachers working together to establish a shared understanding of what achievement of standards looks like and whether or not the student has demonstrated achievement of the standard. 
  • Teachers work towards making judgements that are consistent and comparable.


The following graph shows the expectations that each year group should be achieving in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum. 
The gradual shading at each level recognises that learning is a personal journey and students make progress at different rates; within any year group there will be students achieving at different levels.
At Waiuku Primary School we divide each curriculum level into 3 sections to identify where students are achieving in relation to the curriculum.
Basic          Achieving at beginning of level
Proficient    Achieving in the middle of level
Advanced    Achieving at end of level.

You can read more about the National Standards on the Ministry of Education website: or on the New Zealand Curriculum website:

Reading, Writing & Maths Curriculum Standards

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