Starting School

What does the Junior Team @Waiuku Primary School have to offer you and your child?

We want your child to experience a warmaccepting and secure environment.

 To do this we offer:

  •  an experienced, skilled and enthusiastic teaching team
  • a commitment to providing a nurturing environment that gives your child a great first step in to school life
  • up to date junior classrooms that reflect children's learning and powerful experiences to engage and enthuse our learners.
  • small class numbers allowing quality student teacher relationships and interactions, and a strong emphasis on building foundation in literacy and numeracy
  • Support networks to ensure that each child’s learning and behavioural needs and strengths are being met
  • An ‘open door’ – we want you to feel included in our learning programmes and feel confident about coming to talk about your child with us
  • Sound field technology in our junior classrooms - clarifies the teachers' voice and ensures students can hear to learn
  • Large TV-style computers for learning in each junior classroom + access to a range of eLearning technologies.

Make an appointment anytime to see our junior classrooms and receive our
"Starting School" information booklet