Linc-Ed Achievement & Progression Based Reports 2019

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National Standards have been replaced by Progression Based Reporting.

Progression based reporting is based around goal setting, the more effective the goal setting the better picture you get of achievement.

1. Goals are leveled according to the NZ curriculum in all curriculum areas not just Reading, Writing and Maths.

  • Level 1 - NE to Y2

  • Level 2 - Y3 -4

  • Level 3 - Y 5-6

  • Level 4 - Y7-8

2. Students complete goals in each curriculum area at each level,  so students can be working in more than one level at a time.

3. Goals are leveled by Linc Ed so it is accurate.

4. Promotes student involvement. Students can log in, set their own goals and add evidence to goals.

5. Evidence can be shared against goals by both students and teachers. This includes tagging one piece of evidence to multiple goals.

6. Schools can choose to award digital badges to sets of completed goals.

7. Teachers update goals throughout the year and it becomes ongoing not just twice a year.

Progression based reporting will provide a richer picture of students achievements and areas of strength as it focuses on more that the three areas of Reading, Writing and Maths.

Please view the first part of this video on Progression base reporting to gain a better understanding of what it will look like for your child.

Click link ---Progress based reporting video

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Jul 22, 2018, 8:39 PM