Waiuku Primary School Uniform.docx

The school uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times unless there is a special occasion, e.g. Mufti Day.  

See below for order form.

Children representing the school (school trips) must wear navy shorts/ skorts (summer) longs (winter) and jade shirts (school colours).  Any student wearing non-uniform clothing will be given a spare set to wear for the day and the parent will be notified.  Repeated incidences will result in Principal intervention.

The Uniform is available to purchase through the school.  A change of clothes for wet days or for little children who may have accidents is suggested.  Children who wish to play on the bottom field need alternative shorts and top as we do not like the uniform to get wet and dirty.

Naming of Clothes  -  All named uniform items will be returned to the student.  However, owners of unnamed uniform items are very difficult to locate!  Please make sure all items are clearly named.

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